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Breif description of our services that we do.

Acoustic advice and assessments.

At Sanctuary Acoustics we conduct two primary roles; conducting noise surveys and architectural & building acoustics design.

Noise surveys for Occupational Noise applications.

An acoustic assessment to analyse your workplace and suggest treatments to minimise disruption and remedy any acoustic problems. Measuring noise levels and workers' noise exposures.

Building & Room Acoustics Advice

We can give the right help to remedy your building and room acoustics problems to fulfil your needs.

Noise Surveys

For a multitude of noise issues, from a variety of sources, industrial, entertainment or traffic we can conduct a comprehensive noise survey for your planning needs.


Anthony Frost

I founded Sanctuary Acoustics in 2011 as an independent acoustic consultancy specialising in noise surveys and general building acoustics design. We do have a particular interest in schools, recording & rehearsal studios and houses of worship.

Darren Ryder

He has completed the IOA's Post Graduate Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control and has been awarded an MSc in Applied Acoustics from the University of Derby.

Tim Sherlock-Brown

Tim Sherlock-Brown is an associate member of the I.O.A. with an MSc in Applied Acoustics. He also has a HND in advanced studio engineering practices and over 25 years live sound engineering experience. He prides himself on providing a friendly and efficient service, with rapid turn around

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